When coming to Twyrl for the first time, if you’re greeted by this man with the funny looking mustache, don’t be alarmed.  No, he’s not a member of your local barbershop quartet or a grizzled gun-slinger from the wild west, it’s just your host & co-owner Chris having a little fun with the face of Twyrl.  At Twyrl we don’t take ourselves too seriously so if you’re looking for fun (and some fantastic, freshly-made pasta), just stop by and experience it for yourself.  But don’t let the adorable dining room or the immaculate open kitchen fool you; we’re not an over-priced fancy-napkin establishment.  Sure, you can always get delectable meals such as our amazing Carbonara (an authentic Italian delicacy), or the mouth-watering Shrimp Scampi, but you won’t be paying fancy-napkin prices for them.  No way!  Where else can a family of four dine-in and feed the fam’ a freshly made, healthy, home-cooked meal for under $50?  How about a cozy dinner for you and that special person in your life? Try this on for size: two glasses of fine wine, garden-fresh salad, freshly-baked bread and desert for under $60!  Wow!  I could go on and I think I will… Twyrl is excited to offer some amazing TO-GO promotions which can be found on our website.  But just to entice you, here’s one of them: DINNER FOR 4 for only $35 dollars. It’s not a misprint.  Fresh pasta for 4, two sauces, salad and fresh bread for only $35 dollars!!!  Why?  Well, Twyrl recognizes that around the holidays you’re already shelling out the big-bucks on presents and family vacations so we want to make sure you take the time to eat and to eat well.  So if you can’t make it in to see the mysterious mustached maven in person, just give us a call and ask for the “Dinner for 4”.  He might even bring it to your door himself if you ask nicely (and be sure to check out our website for our other to-go offers).  Twyrl on!