Holy Shaped Pasta, Batman!!!

Yes, we are now serving 6 different shapes of Pasta!  Our new pasta machine (imported from Italy no less) is working like a charm and cranking out new shapes by the pound (rigatoni, amori, and shells).  Last night we added these to our menu and folks were completely diggin’ it!

A couple of things to note:  Because it’s a new product were still experimenting with boiling time to reach the optimal al dente texture.  We literally have our resident molecular biologist in the test kitchen refining the process (for those of you who don’t know, our chef and co-owner is a PHD in molecular biology – just sayin’).  So when you receive your dish, please let us know if it isn’t up to our usually high Twyrl standards and in 3.57 – 4.256 minutes we’ll get it to where it needs to be. Ya, we’re that fanatical about our pasta.

A couple of other significant changes to note:  We just added an old-fashioned gelato cart to the front of the store.  Stop by for a cup or cone and choose from 7 different flavors of our delicious gelato churned in the great state of Maine!

One last note:  we’ve extended our hours.  We are now open Tuesday-Sunday 11:30AM-9PM.  This means even if you show up at 8:59PM, we’ll be happy to serve you.  Please never feel rushed here at Twyrl.  We want your experience to resemble that of eating at an old friend’s house.

Can’t wait to see you!

Chris & Anka